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With PrimeBooks Accounting, our products and services will assist you to steer your business towards prosperity.

In today's business environment, PrimeBooks Accountingunderstands that if you want your business to prosper, you will need to be properly equipped with the correct tools to enable you to deal with whatever your business could encounter. PrimeBooks Accounting will ensure we equip you with the necessary skills and financial information to ensure your business propsers in any financial environment.

PrimeBooks Business Healthcheck


For most businesses the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet provides all the necessary information they need to evaluate their periodic financial performance. They might not realise that the profitability of a business is not the only way to measure performance. Have you ever wondered how your business is performing against others in your industry?

With PrimeBooks Business Healthcheck, PrimeBooks Accounting will analyse not only your financial information but also your business processes and provide you with a detailed report with recommendation as to how to ensure your business continues to grow and thrive.


PrimeBooks Accounting will;

- evaluate your overall financial performance;

- evaluate your performance against others in the same industry;

- evaluate your business processes against industry best-practice;

- provide recommendations against findings;

- assist in implementing your agreed changes; and

- ensure your business runs efficiently and effectively.


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